Caris: Unhindered Grace

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Caris

Title: Unhindered Grace
Label: CD Baby

There always seems to be a divide between what I feel and what I know, and writing music has been a gift that serves to bridge that chasm. My only hope is to share what Jesus Christ has done for me. My life is marked by unhindered sin (Romans 7:18,24), but God has pursued me like a groom does his bride, but I've run to a million other things that won't satisfy, and in doing so, I've played the whore, spit in Jesus' face and rejected his perfect love (Ezekiel 16). Though he owed me nothing, he gave his life to pay for my recklessness so that justice would be served, but so that I wouldn't be left hopeless. Jesus' unhindered gift of infinite love for me is more than my soul can bear! He gave his life to know me and he's given me a heart of flesh in place of my heart of stone (Ezekiel 36). I know a freedom unlike anything this world can offer. My life belongs to Jesus and I ache for others to know the freedom of this unhindered grace!

1.1 Intro
1.2 Sustain
1.3 Soy Suficiente
1.4 Unhindered
1.5 Vessel of Mercy
1.6 Irrevocable
1.7 All Things
1.8 Engraved
1.9 Inadequate
1.10 Redeem

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