Carl Palanzi

Carl Palanzi: One More Day

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Artist: Carl Palanzi

Artist: Carl Palanzi
Title: One More Day

Beginning with the title cut, Carl lays out our evolving concepts of time from the cradle to the grave climaxing in the track entitled 'Full Circle'. The selections that follow reflect his own life experiences with a grin, a scowl and a pummeling expose on the 'who cares about you?' attitude which 'fills in' our modern domain and saturates much of the entertainment of late. For nearly three decades Carl has been composing and performing in and around the New England region of the United States. His accumulate backlog insists that he now publicly unveil at the very least this most current collection. Some of Carl's adventures are underscored by the ambiguous yet candid flavor of this precious release. These compositions carve in one's heart a priceless collection of musical commodity like precious, polished diamonds, nearly flawless, awaiting only those knowing their worth. David McCormack, engineer/producer/guitarist provides lead and second rythym guitars as well as synthesizers, bass and drums on several tracks. Also included are; Eros Lamb (bass), Jim Allard (tenor sax) and Alan Palanzi (drums).

1.1 One More Day
1.2 Tatum's Song
1.3 Can't Go Home Anymore
1.4 What's a Nice Guy Like Me Doin in a Place Like This?
1.5 Sweet Nicole
1.6 Is That What You Call Love?
1.7 Hobo
1.8 By the Wall
1.9 Full Circle
1.10 When I'm An Old Man

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