Carl Peterson

Carl Peterson: Scottish Love Songs

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Artist: Carl Peterson

Artist: Carl Peterson
Title: Scottish Love Songs

Born and raised in Greenock Scotland, Carl Peterson grew up learning the traditional folk songs of Scotland, and also the songs of Ireland, England and America. He now delights in sharing these songs with people across USA and Canada. Carl has a talent for engaging the audience. Telling stories and jokes among the songs, and encouraging audience participation, it is truly like an relaxed evening 'round the fire with friends. As a folk singer, Carl is also a historian, learning the histories and stories behind the songs he sings and passing this knowledge on to the audience. Carl began performing at Scottish Festivals across USA and Canada in 1985. It didn\'t take him long to find success in the festival market. Over the years Carl has performed at over 60 different Scottish festivals, and he is often invited back year after year. In 1994 he was signed by Community Concerts of New York. After five years with Community Concerts Carl spent two seasons with Allied Concerts from Wisconsin. Carl performed in over 200 cities in USA and Canada during this time. Carl has performed in every US state except Rhode Island and Alaska, and in every province in Canada except Prince Edward Island. This collection of mellow and romantic Scottish love songs suits Carl\'s voice to a tee and will set the mood for a romantic evening.

1.1 My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose
1.2 The Braes of Balquidder
1.3 Loch Tay Boat Song
1.4 Annie Laurie
1.5 Shy Geordie
1.6 The Road and the Miles Tae Dundee
1.7 Flow Gently Sweet Afton
1.8 The Rose of Allendale
1.9 Tiree Love Song
1.10 Jock O' Hazeldean
1.11 Barbara Allen
1.12 The Bluebells of Scotland
1.13 Dumbarton's Drums
1.14 The Flower of Edinburgh
1.15 Eriskay Love Lilt
1.16 Leezie Lindsay

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