Carl Smith

Carl Smith: 20 All Time Greatest Hits

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Carl Smith

Artist: Carl Smith
Title: 20 All Time Greatest Hits

1.1 Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way
1.2 Mr. Moon
1.3 Just Wait Till I Get You Alone
1.4 Back Up Buddy
1.5 Deep Water
1.6 Hey Joe
1.7 Are You Teasing Me
1.8 If Teardrops Were Pennies
1.9 It's a Lovely Lovely World
1.10 You Are the One
1.11 Don't Just Stand There
1.12 Satisfaction Guaranteed
1.13 Kisses Don't Lie
1.14 Our Honeymoon
1.15 Trademark
1.16 Let's Live a Little
1.17 Take My Ring Off Your Finger
1.18 I Overlooked An Orchid
1.19 Go, Boy, Go
1.20 This Orchid Means Goodbye

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