Carla Ulbrich

Carla Ulbrich: Live from Outer Space

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Artist: Carla Ulbrich

Artist: Carla Ulbrich
Title: Live from Outer Space

Recorded live at Sirius XM's Performance Theater. It was recorded before a live audience of about 40 people at noon on a sunny day in June, in the very same room where Paul McCartney played. Hopefully sir Paul will never hear the parody of his beloved 'Yesterday' that's on this disc. This concert features 2 different guest Klingons! Joe Giacoio (Carla's lovemuffin) and voiceover artist Randy Crenshaw on the studio cut. Randy also appeared on Carla's 2004 release, Sick Humor (Happy to Be Stuck by You and Patient 2946065). This is Carla's 5th CD and her 2nd live CD. The illustrations were drawn by comic strip artist and musician (member of Urban Tapestry) Debbie Ohi of Toronto. Mary Sue Twohy is the voice welcoming everyone to the concert on track 2 (Intro). There are 31 tracks on the CD because jokes, stories and song intros have all been separated from the songs, so that you don't have to listen to the song intro every time. This was also to avoid the problem that occurred with 'Professional Smart Aleck,' where somehow the intro to a song got tagged onto the end of the previous song. This was done with you, the listener in mind. And with you, the customer in mind, we suggest you buy the whole CD rather than individual tracks. Otherwise, it will cost you $31 to buy all the tracks as individual MP3s. Anyhow CDs sound better than MP3s. The engineers worked hard to create fantastic audio, and MP3s squash the life out of the files. But then, half this CD is talking anyway, so do whatever you like. This is not WalMart. The customer is always right here.

1.1 Chatter
1.2 Intro
1.3 Let It Go
1.4 Star Wars Fans
1.5 The Force Is the Force
1.6 Bob's Wedding
1.7 My Love Is
1.8 Joe Wants a Song
1.9 I Hope You're Happy
1.10 The Scooter Store
1.11 The Klingon Language
1.12 Duet with a Klingon - Carla Ulbrich, Joe Giacoio
1.13 Bad Song Ideas
1.14 Big Hit Medley
1.15 Dr. Demento
1.16 One Good Song
1.17 Words or Music First?
1.18 Scrambled Eggs
1.19 North Vs. South... Carolina
1.20 Making Gramma Laugh
1.21 It's Never Polite to Ask a Girl How Old She Is
1.22 Tombstones
1.23 Coffee Enemas
1.24 Walmart Comes to Clemson
1.25 We Don't Need a Walmart
1.26 Dating for Dummies
1.27 Me Neither
1.28 How to Become a Folksinger
1.29 If I Had the Copyright
1.30 Duet with a Klingon (Studio)
1.31 ... Anyone?

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