Carlo De Lorenzi

Carlo De Lorenzi: Four Seasons in One Recess

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Artist: Carlo De Lorenzi
Title: Four Seasons in One Recess

On the Toronto and Northern Ontario music scenes for over 30 years, piano and keyboardist Carlo De Lorenzi has composed, performed and recorded with a diverse collective of musicians and bands. Recent collaborations include performing and/or recording with Practical Blues, Compass Rose, guitar virtuoso Jason Sadites, East Coast Music Award nominee Dave Carroll, the Sons of Maxwell, and Kris MacFarlane (Great Big Sea). He has also performed and arranged for several stage shows and musicals. Carlo's songwriting and artistry bridge the genres of pop, jazz, and world music. His major influences include Bruce Hornsby, Dave Brubeck, Chick Corea and Bob James. Carlo 's songwriting versatility has been captured in his latest recording "Four Seasons in One Recess". Converging a community of highly talented, emerging and established musicians, the ten song CD contains a savory and invigorating collection of melodies and rhythms.

1.1 Key Lime Pie
1.2 Ode to Raven
1.3 Change of Pace
1.4 Edge of the Rainstorm
1.5 The Calling
1.6 Baked Potato
1.7 Blue Sky Down
1.8 Back Flip
1.9 Rocky Harbour
1.10 Door to the Heart

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