Carlo L'Chelle

Carlo L'Chelle: Book of My Revelation

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Artist: Carlo L'Chelle

Artist: Carlo L'Chelle
Title: Book of My Revelation

'The Book of My Revelation' written and lyrically arranged by Carlo L'Chelle Look at me. Get to know the real me. Look into my soul. Into 'The Book of My Revelation'--Carlo L'Chelle Carlo L'Chelle has created a compact disc compiled of original songs which display her vocal ability and range as well as her distinctive writing capability. The CD is comprised of nine soulful songs, all written by Carlo L'Chelle herself. You will find that all nine of Carlo L'Chelle's original songs will speak to your heart and uplift your soul. Carlo L'Chelle does not have a choice in whether she writes and performs or not. As stated in "My Revelation", one of the songs featured on Carlo L'Chelle's CD, It is [her] destiny. [she] will succeed. Please feel free to contact Carlo L'Chelle and get ready to experience the soul stirring soundtrack of her life.

1.1 Let Me Tell You Why
1.2 Bless Your Soul
1.3 Ellipses
1.4 Life Is Good
1.5 No Matter
1.6 A Soul
1.7 Only God Knows
1.8 Somehow
1.9 My Revelation

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