Carlos Da Costa

Carlos Da Costa: Miles Away

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Artist: Carlos Da Costa

Artist: Carlos Da Costa
Title: Miles Away

Born in July 1974, Carlos DaCosta spends most of his childhood years traveling between Canada and Brazil until the age of 9. From a Canadian mother and a Brazilian father, Carlos can communicate in the English, French and Portuguese languages. His music style can be defined as main stream acoustic rock. At 10 years of age, Carlos DaCosta starts taking guitar lessons. At the age of 13, he starts his first band and at 16, begins writing his own songs. After being a part of various bands, he releases an independent full length cassette in 1994 and a CD in 1996 with his previous trio, The Flying Toads in which he is the key musician writing both the music and lyrics for the songs. The band gives him the chance to acquire further experience as they play many venues, record demo tapes, release two albums, shoot a video, participate in contests and increase their exposure to the public with a live performance on national television. After five years of playing with The Flying Toads, Carlos leaves the band to pursue different musical interests. He meets and works with various musicians, plays live shows, produces and co-writes songs. He then decides to take a break and leave town to busk for tourists. Those experiences add up to his studio experience and give him a first opportunity to compose music for someone other than himself. The combination of these past experiences enable Carlos to increase his professionalism and gives him the maturity to evolve in his song writing as it clearly shows on his latest independent recording: Miles Away. Embark in the melodic simplicity of Carlos DaCosta and bring your imagination to new heights!

1.1 Miles Away
1.2 Father
1.3 My Heart
1.4 I Am, I Was, I'll Be
1.5 Don't Worry
1.6 We're All Very Proud
1.7 Loving You Ain't Enough
1.8 Rescue Me
1.9 Shelter Me
1.10 Bonus Track

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