Carlos Montoya

Carlos Montoya: Art of the Flamenco

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Artist: Carlos Montoya

Artist: Carlos Montoya
Title: Art of the Flamenco

Carlos Montoya (13 December 1903 - 3 March 1993), a prominent Flamenco guitarist, was a founder of the modern-day popular Flamenco style of music. In the 1920s and 1930s he performed extensively in Europe, North America, and Asia. The outbreak of World War II brought him to the United States where he began his most successful days as a musician, and frequently toured with the dancer La Argentina. Settling in New York City during World War II (circa 1941), he began touring on his own, bringing his fiery style to concert halls, universities, and orchestras. Montoya toured year round but always returned to his homeland, Spain, to spend the Christmas holidays with his family. This classic recording features guest artists El Pili; Enrique Montaya; El Nino de Alicante and Anita Ramos. Digitally remastered.

1.1 Seguriya
1.2 Saeta
1.3 Variacones Por Tango
1.4 Zambra
1.5 Petenera
1.6 Granada
1.7 Tanguillo Rumbeao
1.8 Cante Minero
1.9 Fandanguillo
1.10 Sevillanas
1.11 Noche Granadina
1.12 Bulerias de la Samaritana
1.13 Fandangos
1.14 Torremolinos
1.15 Zapateado de Lad Campanas
1.16 Los Ohos Mios
1.17 Levante
1.18 Danza Egipcia
1.19 Temas de Huelva

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