Carol Burton

Carol Burton: As One

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Artist: Carol Burton

Artist: Carol Burton
Title: As One

My name is Carol Burton. I have been a songwriter/singer for over 25 years. I get inspired to write songs due to certain events in my life or in the world, or because of my beliefs. Creative ideas which flow through me come through as songs that can tell a story, entertain, give a message, and also resonate with others. I am mostly a country/folk songwriter. The spiritually oriented songs on this album are meant to be inspirational to others, with themes of joy, friendship, love, peace, harmony, dreams giving purpose, love of a creator, opening new doors, and nature. Perhaps one or more ideas in my songs could spark something special in you, which may give you comfort, be more hopeful, or even spark you to follow your own dream, along with becoming the best expression of yourself. Be sure to give a listen to the sampling of each song on the left. Doing this has made people want to hear more of the songs! I have loved harmony ever since I was a little girl. I learned harmony in choir and from my mom. There is harmony on many of my songs. There are also guest musicians, such as a concert violinist, flute soloist, members of a choir, upright bass musician, a couple of great guitarists, and some super percussionists! All of these musicians have come together to help make this album the wonderful, creative production that it is.

1.1 Great Friends Forever
1.2 Dreams Will Give You a Purpose
1.3 Open That Door
1.4 Right Where You Are
1.5 Nature's Dream
1.6 Open Up
1.7 We Alll Can Make a Difference
1.8 Thank You God for Guiding Me
1.9 Women's Voices
1.10 He Could See Everything
1.11 God Shines Brightly
1.12 As One

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