Carol Manglos: I Stand Amazed

Carol Manglos: I Stand Amazed
Title: I Stand Amazed
Label: CD Baby

Steve & Carol Manglos Biography We met in North Carolina have been married since February 14, 1981. Shortly after that Steve graduated with a doctorate in nuclear physics from Duke University, and we moved to Colorado. Our three children, Benjamin, 21, Nicolette, 20, and Christopher, 18, were born in Colorado. After four years, we moved back to North Carolina where Steve did a post-doc in medical physics, and then found a job here in Syracuse, New York. Steve's medical issues forced a permanent disability retirement in 1994, causing Carol to return to school to be able to earn the supplemental income necessary. In 2000, Carol received her Master's in Christian counseling, and is a licensed pastoral counselor. She is also a worship director at First Presbyterian Church of Chittenango, NY. Through many trials that we never would have imagined, God has taught us what it means to utterly and desperately depend on Him and Him alone! The medical trials began just after a year of marriage. Musically, we began to write and perform music together early on in our relationship, going to prisons and coffeehouses. Shortly thereafter, God led us into positions of worship where we have remained in various capacities, volunteer and paid. All of these songs for 'I Stand Amazed' were written through various stages of joy and tears over the last 15 years, and indeed, mostly the latter. The theme that seemed to present itself for this CD was 'war' and 'intimacy.' Through this earthly battle God has trained us spiritually for war, and the pressing and crushing has caused to depend on Him intimately. He has never failed us.

1.1 Search Me, Oh God
1.2 My Lord God Reigns
1.3 Your Rightful Place
1.4 Shine Forth
1.5 Let My People Go!
1.6 O, Holy Lord
1.7 Calm the Storm
1.8 Hearts of Kings
1.9 Joel's Song
1.10 Show Your Mercy
1.11 Send Your Rain
1.12 Throw It to the Wind
1.13 You Are the Rock
1.14 I Stand Amazed
1.15 O, Holy Lord (Reprise)

Carol Manglos: I Stand Amazed

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