Carol Walker

Carol Walker: Alas Horse Is Gone: Manx Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Carol Walker

Artist: Carol Walker
Title: Alas Horse Is Gone: Manx Music

1.1 Alas! the Horse Is Gone - Ta'n Bock, Aboo! Ersooyl
1.2 The Milking Song - Arrane Ben-Vlieaun
1.3 Work ; Play Medley: Weaving Song - Arrane NY Fee / Smugglers' Lullaby / Gallop, Gallop - Lhigey, Lhigey
1.4 Song of the Water Kelpie - Arrane Ghelbee
1.5 Manx Music Box - Adapted from Manx Lullaby - Arrane y Chlean
1.6 The Maid of Port y Shee
1.7 When I Was a Little Boy - Tra Va Mee My Ghuilley
1.8 Washing Song - Arrane NY Niee
1.9 Little Red Bird - Ushag Veg Ruy
1.10 Jig Medley: The Mona's Isle Quickstep / Winding Song / Unnamed Jig - Gyn Ennym!
1.11 The Goodnight Song

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