Carole Heller

Carole Heller: Horns for the Holidays

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Artist: Carole Heller

Artist: Carole Heller
Title: Horns for the Holidays

About the author: Carole Heller has arranged and recorded some of the most beautiful and unique Christmas carols of all times. An interesting mix of interwoven parts, sometimes featuring the first horn, but then also featuring the other three, it is a tossed salad of sound., or should we say mixed bag of chestnuts. Some are uplifting and jolly; others are calm and peaceful, but all are a delight and will be cherished by French horn players and non French horn players alike, this year and for years to come. Infant Holy, Infant Lowly is the only solo horn/piano piece among all the other quartets, and the horn 'soars' as one would absolutely expect. The last song on the album features four horns, piano and bells. Some of the carols are mixed with others, such as What Child Is This mixed with Carol of the Bells, which may surprise many of you listeners. Also, there is a 'Nutcracker' element to God Rest Ye, Merry Gentleman, and Brahams Lullaby and Hush Little Baby, Don't You Cry mixed with Still, Still, Still. Happy and Blessed Holidays!

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