Carole Pope

Carole Pope: Transcend the Remixes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Carole Pope

Artist: Carole Pope
Title: Transcend the Remixes

Carole Pope's music is catapulted into an even wider realm of dance on Transcend: The Remixes. Four tracks from her Transcend album (Dream 6, Americana, Transcend and Seduction) are remixed in a total 16 tracks that run the gamut of Breaks, Progressive Trance, Electronic Alternative, Drum and Bass, Tribal House, Electro, Urban, Underground House and Vocal Trance, remixed by UK-based Hemstock&Jennings, DJ Myagi, DJ Serious, and Germany's Deadmau5, Noel Sanger, Myagi, Serious, Starchamber, Roger Lyons, Luke McKeehan, J Groove, Boomtang, and Deadmaus, among others. The Hemstock & Jennings version of Transcend is part of the sound track of This Revolution a new docu-drama starring Rosario Dawson.

1.1 Transcend Noel Sanger Mix
1.2 Americana Snoog Mix
1.3 Seduction Myagi Mix
1.4 Dream 6 Serious Mix
1.5 Transcend Starchamber Mix
1.6 Seduction 303D DJ Iain Mix
1.7 Transcend Hemstock ; Jennings Mix
1.8 Dream6 Roger Lyons Mix
1.9 Transcend Dubc0Mm Mix
1.10 Dream6 Datafreq Mix
1.11 Americana Deadmaus Mix
1.12 Transcend J-Groove's Res Mix
1.13 Seduction Matt C Mix
1.14 Dream 6 Luke McKeehan Mix
1.15 Americana Boomtang Mix
1.16 Dream 6 Jamie Long Mix

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