Carolina Soul

Carolina Soul: Spirit Records Anthology

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Carolina Soul

Artist: Carolina Soul
Title: Spirit Records Anthology

1.1 She's Sixty (But She Still Looks Good)
1.2 Good Rockin' Woman
1.3 Can't Help This Feelin' (Instr. Remix)
1.4 Somethin' You Got
1.5 Glad I Found You
1.6 (They Call It) Mr. Dollar's
1.7 Fallin' So in Love with You
1.8 Love Flight 109
1.9 I Didn't Know
1.10 Can't Hold Back
1.11 How You Gonna' Feel
1.12 (Talkin' Bout) the Cakes My Baby Makes
1.13 Misconstrue
1.14 Popsicle Pusher
1.15 Take Another Chance
1.16 Can't Help This Feelin'
1.17 (They Call It) Mr. Dollar's (Remix)

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