Carrie Rose

Carrie Rose: Books of Flutes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Carrie Rose

Artist: Carrie Rose
Title: Books of Flutes

'It is a privilege to play new music - to wander in the wilderness of new sounds and play among them until their shapes, logic, and emotions reveal themselves. Encountering each piece is like meeting a form of intelligence that has very particular feelings and a new sense of order. The process of discovery is all-consuming and joyful. The main goal of this recording project has been to set record to these extraoedinary pieces. I have chosen complete, unedited, live performances in order to preserve each piece's integrity and through-energy. Playing each piece on this CD has been a journey, expanding both my flute technique and my whole person.' Carrie Rose.

1.1 Stuart Saunders Smith: Books of Flutes
1.2 Stuart Saunders Smith: Legacy Variations #1
1.3 Stuart Saunders Smith: Legacy Variations #99
1.4 Herbert Brun: Gesto
1.5 Robert Erickson: High Flyer
1.6 Robert Erickson: Quoq
1.7 Stuart Saunders Smith: Family Portraits: Embden Pond

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