Carte Blanche: Black Billionaires

Carte Blanche: Black Billionaires
Title: Black Billionaires
Label: Ed Banger
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

UK twelve inch vinyl pressing of this 2010 single from DJ Mehdi and Riton AKA Carte Blance. Features five tracks of neck-breaking breaks, a shout-out to the masters, with no nostalgia whatsoever. Mixed by big bass master Alex Gopher, the record includes club monster 'Gare Du Nord' as well as the catchy 'Do! Do! Do! Do!', featuring Kid Sister, the heiress to the Chicago throne. Because.

1.1 Gare Du Nord
1.2 In the Mix
1.3 Do! Do! Do!
1.4 Black Billionaire
1.5 Jigga Bite

Carte Blanche: Black Billionaires

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