Carus: Acoustic at the Norfolk

Carus: Acoustic at the Norfolk
Title: Acoustic at the Norfolk
Label: Independent

West Australia's Carus Thompson has stripped it back for his fourth release on this live double album. Independent. 2003.

1.1 Tall Buildings
1.2 Hold on
1.3 Big Brother
1.4 Dear Linda
1.5 Cup a Tea
1.6 Sweet Place
1.7 Mind's Eye
1.8 Time Machine
1.9 Introducing Kurt Cobain
1.10 Kurt Cobain
1.11 Been There Before
1.12 One More Time
1.13 Yangi!
1.14 Grow to Overthrow
1.15 Born with a Broken Heart
1.16 I Can't Get Enough
1.17 All for You
1.18 Floating with the Seasons
1.19 Wild
1.20 You Were Gone
1.21 Come What May
1.22 Darwin Jam
1.23 Gonna Leave This Town
1.24 Walk Before You Crawl
1.25 Thrown

Carus: Acoustic at the Norfolk

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