Casino Mansion

Casino Mansion: Casino Mansion

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Casino Mansion

Title: Casino Mansion
Label: CD Baby

'Casino Mansion', the first album from musical ringleaders Flex Mulholland and Vass Wheeler, was designed to be left in your CD player permanently, which you will soon discover is precisely the right thing to do. Casino Mansion spins the retro-futuristic approach to making modern music and features 7 singers --- Blue Pearl, Devin Vasquez, Whitley Franklin, Angel Topanga, Ginger Clement, Cassie Vermont, and Robin Banks, who must be heard.

1.1 Never Know
1.2 Girls Pay You
1.3 Tempt Each Other
1.4 Alibi
1.5 Lear
1.6 Top of the Stairs
1.7 Whole Lotta Love
1.8 Barbies and Zombies
1.9 Skin Tight
1.10 More Pink
1.11 Glen Tower
1.12 Top of the Stairs (Ballroom Velocity)

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