Casper Thomas

Casper Thomas: I'm Learning

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Casper Thomas

Artist: Casper Thomas
Title: I'm Learning

If you have purchased or heard this artist first CD than you already love him and this second CD entitled "I'm Learning" just gives you more of him to love. He is not trying to wow you with musical genius or fancy arrangements, but the lyrical content and emotional sincerity of his music just eases your Spirit and comforts your heart song after song. The first CD entitled 'My Secret Place' has sold copies from Japan to the United Kingdom, with many testimonials of how Casper's music has help someone through some trying times or comforted them when they were feeling down. Many fans have purchased Casper's music and have repuchased for friends and love ones. What that says about this artist is that he has amazing crossover appeal and people really love his music. He has not created a sound that only a small group of people can enjoy but a musical composition that has been received and enjoyed by fans all over the world. Try him for yourself and you will see as others have that Casper is one of musics best kept secrets.

1.1 I'm Learning
1.2 I'm Sorry
1.3 Just Believe It
1.4 Call Him By His Name
1.5 Under the Shadow of Your Wings
1.6 I'm Ready
1.7 I Can't Go Back
1.8 Never Gone to Let Them Steal My Joy
1.9 My Lord
1.10 Speak to Me

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