Cassandra Peterson

Cassandra Peterson: Hands in Wood

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Cassandra Peterson
Title: Hands in Wood

Cassandra Peterson delivers a timeless album of Christian Country Rock music. She brings praise and worship to the King of Kings with the powerful message of the Gospel. Her down to earth approach gives her music a sincere and close to heart feeling. Her enthusiasm and warmth will keep you forever wanting more. Powerful guitar solos and beautiful vocal harmonies truly make this album a classic. Fall more in love with Jesus while Cassandra tells the beautiful stories of the Gospel in music and song. Words of Life on the Wings of Melody!

1.1 Father of Light
1.2 Hands in Wood
1.3 The Shepherd Song
1.4 New Life Begins
1.5 Delight in the Lord
1.6 On the Road to Emmaus
1.7 The Way You Love Me
1.8 Sunrise
1.9 I Wan'na Be Like Jesus
1.10 He's the Rock in My Roll
1.11 Dwell in You
1.12 This I Know

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