Cast in Bronze

Cast in Bronze: Bells from Hell

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Artist: Cast in Bronze

Artist: Cast in Bronze
Title: Bells from Hell

The carillon, previously heard only as a solo instrument for the last five centuries, is given new life by Master-Carillonneur, Frank DellaPenna. DellaPenna was the first to envision the carillon played with modern instruments, while a student at the French Carillon School. The problem was there was no music ever written in history for the carillon and other musical instruments. What made the task even more difficult was that carillons are normally huge stationary instruments located high in bell towers, making the performance of carillon with other instruments an impossibility. However, not known to DellaPenna, a traveling carillon had been made in the Netherlands and was shipped to the United States in 1976 and owned by a church bell company in Ohio. The traveling carillon was eventually sold to a private individual who found DellaPenna and asked if he knew what to do with the traveling carillon? DellaPenna, after twenty long years of waiting, could finally play the music he had written for carillon and other instruments. Fortunately, others liked the music he was creating with the carillon and he has enjoyed more than 25 years of touring across the United States. He has been invited to perform for a Pope and United States President, has been on national TV and national radio. He has produced several CD's and an award-winning DVD. He has recently written a two hour musical and built another traveling carillon. The two carillons of Cast in Bronze are the only carillons in history solely supported by listeners!

1.1 Mirrors
1.2 The Horseman
1.3 Medley: Tubular Bells / Phantom of the Opera
1.4 Trapped
1.5 The Box
1.6 Gnossienne
1.7 Krankenmal Theme
1.8 Man of Another Time
1.9 Freedom
1.10 Space Journey
1.11 O Fortuna
1.12 Vertigo

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