Cast in Bronze

Cast in Bronze: Spirit of the Bells

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Artist: Cast in Bronze

Artist: Cast in Bronze
Title: Spirit of the Bells

The CARILLON of Cast in Bronze consists of 35 bells with a total weight of four tons. It is played by a modified keyboard with the fists and feet. It is the only musical act of it's kind in the world, and the only carillon in history solely supported by listeners. Cast in Bronze was created to bring the haunting beauty of the CARILLON to more listeners by demonstrating it's versatility with other instruments. This objective has been accomplished through live performances with live musicians, recordings, and solo performances accompanied by musical tracks. The carillon is played by a silent and masked 'spirit of the bells' that appears only to breathe life into the instrument for the performance. The 'spirit' and creator of Cast in Bronze, Frank Della Penna, is a graduate of the French Carillon School of Tourcoing, France. Cast in Bronze has been invited to perform for both Pope John Paul II and the Presidential Inauguration, and has performed at Walt Disney World’s Epcot in Orlando, Florida 1998 - 2002 for the Christmas season. The music of Cast in Bronze has also been heard on radio, at Bethlehem Musikfest and other music and Renaissance Festivals, on television, including a special Christmas Eve performance on the NBC 'Today' Show, and at Alice Cooper's 2004 'Christmas Pudding' benefit concert.

1.1 Thin Air
1.2 Prelude #1
1.3 Reflection
1.4 Drunken Sailor
1.5 The Lost Princess
1.6 "Krankenmal" Theme
1.7 Where Have You Gone
1.8 Serendipity
1.9 Dance of the Fireflies
1.10 Gnossienne
1.11 Pavanne
1.12 Petit Poucet
1.13 Laideronnette
1.14 Jardin Feerique

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