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Cast Recording: Brain from Planet X / O .C.R.

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Artist: Cast Recording

Artist: Cast Recording
Title: Brain from Planet X / O .C.R.

THE BRAIN FROM PLANET X Original Cast Recording The Brain From Planet X had it's world premiere in Los Angeles in December, 2006. An affectionate and hilarious send-up of bad 50s sci-fi movies, The Brain tells the story of an alien invasion circa 1958 - a Brain and it's two alien cohorts, Zubrick and Yoni, arrive on Earth and plan to take over the San Fernando Valley - the first step on the road to their quest to take over the entire planet and to destroy the family unit. "WILDLY FUNNY... WITTILY STAGED, SHARPLY CAST AND GRACED WITH SOME CATCHY NUMBERS." LA Times "The cast is absolutely GREAT!" "Fun theatre! Silly, spoofy, and goofy!" Beverly Hills Outlook The cast features Kevin Spirtas (Days Of Our Lives), Alet Taylor (The Producers), Lauren Rubin, Cason Murphy, Merrill Grant, Benjamin Clark, Egbert Bernard, among others. The cast album features 22 tracks, and has musical direction by Richard Berent and orchestrations by Larry Moore. The book is by David Wechter and Bruce Kimmel, with music and lyrics by Bruce Kimmel. "Outrageously funny!" Cabaret Scenes And these wonderful online reader reviews from the LA Times: "RAVE! What a treat! Was fun filled entertainment with innovative sets, terrific songs and dance numbers, and a delightful cast in a science fiction romp that had us laughing throughout!" - Los Angeles Times Online Reader Review "RAVE! DO NOT MISS THIS PLAY! Broadway caliber; clever dialogue and lyrics, and beautiful voices. Hysterically funny! Like DAMN YANKEES on intergalactic steroids!" - Los Angeles Times Online Reader Review The Brain From Planet X is tuneful, funny, and endearingly loopy.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 The Brain from Planet X
1.3 Here on Earth
1.4 Strange Occurance/Newspaper Headlines
1.5 Good Girl/Bad Girl
1.6 The Plan
1.7 The World of Tomorrow
1.8 The Global News
1.9 The Plan (Reprise)
1.10 Things Are Gonna Be Changing Around Here
1.11 Saucers in the Sky
1.12 Now!
1.13 Entr'acte
1.14 The Brain from Planet X (Reprise)
1.15 The Brain Tap
1.16 I Need An Earthman
1.17 The Will-Bent News
1.18 Who Would Have Thought
1.19 The Brain's Song
1.20 Independence Day
1.21 All About Men
1.22 Finale and Independence Day (Reprise)
1.23 The Brain from Planet X (Reprise)

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