Cast Recording: Woman & Her Words-The Story of Tahirih / O.C.R.

Cast Recording: Woman & Her Words-The Story of Tahirih / O.C.R.
Title: Woman & Her Words-The Story of Tahirih / O.C.R.
Label: CD Baby

'A Woman And Her Words' is the remarkable theatrical music drama based on the true story of Tahirih, the legendary 19th-century Eastern female mystic, poet, and legal scholar known as the Joan of Arc of the Eastern world. This production is extraordinary for it's clarity, intellectual presence, lush music soundtrack and songs adapted from Tahirih's poems over 150 years old and only recently translated into English. Ongoing historical events of the 19th century western world are juxtaposed against the dramatic circumstances of Tahirih's life --whose commitment to social justice, human rights and equality was demonstrated when she tore away her face veil in the company of men in mid-1800's Persia. With this defiant act Tahirih called for the end of slavery and religious persecution, announcing the beginning of a new age for humanity. Starring Tadia as Tahirih, Parke McAlister as the European Journalist.

1.1 Scene One-Early 1800's Songs: I Am the Word; Song of Harmony
1.2 Scene Two-1830-1841 Song: When the Day Comes
1.3 Scene Three-1843 Songs: A Voice Cries; Rise Up, Dear Friend
1.4 Scene Four-1844-1845 Song: The One You Love Is Here
1.5 Scene Five-1846-1847 Song: If We Could Meet (Dot By Dot)
1.6 Scene Six-1847-1848
1.7 Scene Seven- 1848-1850 Songs: Secret of All Ages; the Sun Has Ri
1.8 Scene Eight-July 1850-1851 Songs: Petals of Snow ; Fire; Road to
1.9 Scene Nine-1852 Songs: Sands of Time; Song of Harmony (Reprise)

Cast Recording: Woman & Her Words-The Story of Tahirih / O.C.R.

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