Castrovalva: Castrovalva

Castrovalva: Castrovalva
Title: Castrovalva
Label: Brew

2009 debut studio release, the follow up to their self-released Live at the Library. Recorded by Ross Halden at Ghost Town Studios, this self-titled mini album was written in the space of a week with the recording of 'Dream Carpet' completely improvised during the one take recording process. Castrovalva have grown rapidly since their first gig together on September 14th, 2007. This release now sees Castrovalva harness their powerful sound and drive it into harsh improvisational bass-driven Progressive Rock reminiscent of influences such as Lightning Bolt, Xbxrx, Hella, Arab on Radar, Death from Above 1979 and Oxes. Brew.

1.1 Max Rhodes
1.2 We Don't Go to Ravenholm
1.3 Dream Carpet
1.4 Bison Scissor Kick
1.5 London Kills Me
1.6 My Father Bleeds History
1.7 Bellhausen Ft. Leemun Smith
1.8 Triceratops

Castrovalva: Castrovalva

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