Catapult the Dead

Catapult the Dead: A Universal Emptiness (splatter Vinyl)

$16.38 $19.98

Artist: Catapult the Dead
Title: A Universal Emptiness (splatter Vinyl)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Splatter-colored vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. A bleak journey into the deep realms of darkness hidden in the human psyche. Catapult the Dead plays the soundtrack to your own self destruction. Oakland's Catapult the Dead bring to the genre their own version of musical sorrow, despondency, and longing. This unique and haunting outfit is as beautifully devastating as it is callous and brooding.

1.1 Till It Goes Away
1.2 Anti-Aether
1.3 Last Breath
1.4 Burning Womb

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