Cat: Groove Life

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cat

Artist: Cat
Title: Groove Life

"GROOVE LIFE" is the beautiful & stylish CD that introduced the world to The Caté Musiq Group sensual, funky and global sound. Divided in to two parts the first half starts your Saturday night while the second half brings in a chilled Sunday afternoon. With Spoken word, huge horn sections, funky grooves and sensual instrumentals "GROOVE LIFE" is one of those rare 'special find'. A hidden gem that will have your friends asking 'Who is this?'. The Artist - Caté has created an impressive, body of work while consistently pushing the boundaries of contemporary music. His vision & talents have been sought out by a wide arrange of today's top artist. Known for his sensual sound, relentless passion for detail, and his work with an eclectic array of musicians He is one of the most versatile artist working today. With a fresh & vibrant sound, chic style, and deep grooves the Caté Musiq Group has gained an international following with fans in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, Netherlands and South Africa. Also Available On CDBaby:: Caté's debut CD ONE FUNKY WORLD. A beautiful mix of funky grooves, catchy hooks and conscious lyrics that create a soulful/pop gem. Vocalist/Pianist Nina Vidal's debut album produced by Caté @ WHAT THE PRESS IS SAYING::: ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT - 'The groove is in the heart of Saturday night for the first half of the CD while the mood is smoother and more suited for lazing on a Sunday afternoon on the second'. CD 101.9 - 'It's got great tracks (groove + playing + production) and it sits beautifully in the mix. We plan to keep it in motion!!!' INK 19 (Music & Arts Review)- 'Unlike most of his neo-soul cohorts, though, Caté isn't really heavily influenced by hip-hop. His sound is utterly and completely smooth. It's a late-night breeze undulating out of your stereo with the man's falsetto pirouetting along the soundwaves'. BREATH MAGAZINE - 'Music to move your mind, body & Spirit SYNC Productions - 'Caté is wonderful. There is a star in his music and personality'.(Concert Promoters representing Ziggy & Damon Marley/The Isley Brothers/Tool/Will Smith/Anita Baker/and more)-.

1.1 Give Me the Groove
1.2 Butterfly's
1.3 Bad Things
1.4 Mi Casa
1.5 The Beautiful Mantra (PT1)
1.6 You Make Me Feel High
1.7 Saturday Turns Sunday (Interlude)
1.8 I Don't Know How to Say I'm Sorry
1.9 The Funky Hippie
1.10 So Afraid
1.11 Groove Barcelona
1.12 Every Little Thing You Make Me Do
1.13 The Beautiful Mantra (PT2)

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