Cathal Coughlan

Cathal Coughlan: Black River Falls

$19.77 $22.99
Product Type: CD
Artist: Cathal Coughlan

Title: Black River Falls
Label: Cooking Vinyl

First solo release since 1996 from the founding, former member of Microdisney & the Fatima Mansions. 12 tracks including'The Ghost of Limehouse Cut' & 'Officer Material'. 2000 release. Standard jewelcase.

1.1 The Ghost of Limehouse Cut
1.2 Officer Material
1.3 Teh Bacon Singer
1.4 Black River Falls
1.5 Payday
1.6 Dark Parlour
1.7 Out Among the Ruins
1.8 God Bless Mr X
1.9 Frankfurt Cowboy Yodel
1.10 NC
1.11 Whitechapel Mound
1.12 Cast Me Out in My Hometown

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