Catherine Mae

Catherine Mae: Redeemed

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Artist: Catherine Mae

Artist: Catherine Mae
Title: Redeemed

Redeemed CD Catherine Mae has titled her recently released CD Redeemed. It describes the process of what God has done within her life. She was almost finished recording the CD when the Lord woke her at 2:00 a.m. and gave her the words and music to the signature song "Redeemed". Each song has a testament of a new freedom that God brought her through as she journeyed with the Lord. The song "Chosen" describes how God showed her that she was indeed chosen to be His beloved before the foundations of the earth. "Butterfly" started out as a lullaby for her "step-children". When her mother died in 2007 the Lord gave the song a new sound. It helped her realize that her mother was indeed transformed and a new creation with the Lord. "Captured" was Catherine Mae's offering to the Lord of the gratitude that she felt for all He had done in her life. As she walked through some hard times in her life, "Hope" was birth. Reading in the book of Ephesians one day it suddenly amazed Catherine Mae that God did indeed have kind intentions toward her-and all His children-thus "Covered" was birthed. Catherine Mae was working in inner city ministry when the Lord spoke to her the words of "We Cannot Fail"! It is purposely placed in the center of the CD because if God is for us, who can be against us-we cannot fail! "Wait" was birth from a situation that happened in Catherine Mae's life that tore her heart in two. As she prayed and listened to the Lord, He gave her the words and melody. "Freedom" came as Catherine Mae fought through some major physical illness and hard situations. It comes from the story of the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible! "Love" was written as God began to teach Catherine Mae what real Love was. "Joy" is the word that describes Catherine Mae! She is filled to overflowing with His joy which has become her strength. Last but not the least is "Belong". Catherine Mae had finally come to the place of believing that she did indeed belong to the Lord. She had come in a complete circle back to Him! She actually thought this was just a little fun song she wrote to share her deep feelings to the Lord. As she played it in one of the prisons she then realized the power that God had placed on that little song. Catherine Mae's heart's desire is that these songs would encourage and strengthen you in Jesus. That these songs would give you hope and help you to realize that you are special to the Lord! Her desire is also that you would draw closer to the Lord through the words and music of this CD and that you would realize that above all Jesus loves you!

1.1 Chosen
1.2 Butterfly
1.3 Captured
1.4 Hope
1.5 Covered
1.6 We Cannot Fail
1.7 Wait
1.8 Freedom
1.9 Love
1.10 Joy
1.11 Redeemed
1.12 Belong

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