Cathy Bollinger

Cathy Bollinger: Healthy All Over: Songs to Inspire Healthy Habits

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Artist: Cathy Bollinger

Artist: Cathy Bollinger
Title: Healthy All Over: Songs to Inspire Healthy Habits

Healthy All Over is a delightful collection of songs sure to inspire healthy habits at home and at school! Eat healthy foods: Have fun eating healthy foods! Try some of the same foods your favorite animals eat or make your plate look as colorful as a rainbow. Move your body: How many different ways can we find to get exercise? Play The Alphabet Bop and get moving right way! Keep those germs away: Sing Squeaky Clean Hands while washing your hands or bop and brush to a two minute tooth brushing song. And more: Keep your attitude positive as you sing along to I Can Do it. Let these songs be a reminder to have A Sip of Water and Get Your Sleep.

1.1 Brushing Up and Down
1.2 I Can Eat Like a Bunny
1.3 The Alphabet Bop
1.4 Everyone Makes Mistakes Sometimes
1.5 So Many Ways to Move
1.6 There's a Rainbow on My Plate
1.7 Get Your Sleep
1.8 Scrub-A-Dub - Cathy Bollinger
1.9 A Sip of Water
1.10 What's on Your Plate
1.11 When You Sneeze - Cathy Bollinger
1.12 I Can Do It
1.13 Healthy Foods
1.14 Big Hands, Little Hands
1.15 Clap and Stop
1.16 I'm Breathing Like the Wind
1.17 Five Fruits and Vegetables
1.18 Have a Good Day
1.19 There's a Rainbow on My Plate Teacher Version
1.20 Squeaky Clean Hands
1.21 Healthy Foods (Teacher Version)

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