Cathy Britell

Cathy Britell: Songs-One Autoharp One Guitar Two Voices

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Artist: Cathy Britell

Artist: Cathy Britell
Title: Songs-One Autoharp One Guitar Two Voices

Recently 'reintroduced' as old college classmates, we have great fun singing and playing together. This CD represents some of the first songs that we found we both knew and enjoyed. What you hear is what we are: one autoharp, one guitar, two voices. We hope our songs bring you fond memories or make you want to smile or dance or sing along. NOTES ON THE SONGS Rainbows All Over Your Blues - John Sebastian This song has been a favorite of William's for many years, and now it's a favorite of ours, reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously and to enjoy life. Go To The Water - Kat Eggleston Cathy has been in love with the ocean ever since she first saw it, and this song evokes the character of the ocean as a metaphor for the character of love. Not always easy or convenient, but the essence of life. Wonderful Day - William Limbach William wrote this to celebrate the miracle of new life and the joy of being a parent. It speaks to many of the feelings we all have for our children, and lends itself to harmony in a beautiful way. A Dance To The St. Anne's Reel - Wil Maring A wonderful song about the way tradi- tional fiddle tunes have brought us together with a sense of history and the joy of celebra- tion of family and community over the years, and gives Cathy a chance for a little finger exercise on the autoharp. Vincent - Don McLean When Cathy won her D'Aigle "A" autoharp at Winfield in 2003, this was one of the first tunes that came out of it. She has always enjoyed playing it; but longed for someone to sing the beautiful words and bring out the meaning of the song. William's voice is the perfect partner for this "musical conversation". Balm In Gilead - Traditional Cathy and William have both enjoyed this song, a com- forting message in a world that sometimes seems all too angry and voilent. Down In The Valley - Traditional William used to sing this song to his mother, who felt specifically that the voice of the singer was a woman. Cathy also loves this song, and found a way to deal with the gender issue. Get Together - Chet Powers We started singing this spontaneously at a farmers' market gig one summer day, and have been singing it ever since. A wonderful song with a timeless message. The Water Is Wide - Traditional The first song that we ever sang together. Still one of our very favorites to sing and play. You've Been A Friend To Me - A.P. Carter Another song that we've both enjoyed sing- ing for years with friends on and off stage. William's high harmony gives it an old-time feel. Over The Rainbow - music Harold Arlen, words E.Y. Halberg Another autoharp favorite of Cathy's made more wonderful by William's beautiful soaring tenor. Harper's Blessing - Cathy Britell In the world of folk music, we often become close friends, and look forward to seeing each other at gatherings and festivals. Then we must say goodbye. A sincere parting wish for our dear musical friends. OUR HEARTFELT THANKS - To Linda and George Keylon, for bringing us together. - And with much love to our spouses, Cynthia Anderson and Jon Britell, for their kindness and support of our music.

1.1 Rainbows All Over Your Blues
1.2 Go to the Water
1.3 Wonderful Day
1.4 A Dance to the St. Anne's Reel
1.5 Vincent
1.6 Balm in Gilead
1.7 Down in the Valley
1.8 Get Together
1.9 The Water Is Wide
1.10 You've Been a Friend to Me
1.11 Over the Rainbow
1.12 Harper's Blessing

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