Cathy Scherer Stubbs

Cathy Scherer Stubbs: Lullaby & Goodnight

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Artist: Cathy Scherer Stubbs
Title: Lullaby & Goodnight

Lullaby & Goodnight is a collection of traditional lullabies from around the world with soft, clear vocals and gentle harmonies sure to delight all ages. Guitar, violin and keyboard play softly in the background, never overwhelming the soothing vocals. Lyrics to all songs are included for ease in singing along. Cathy Scherer Stubbs began singing lullabies to her eight younger brothers and sisters and then continued with her own children. This collection represents several years of research into the world's best-loved lullabies; some familiar to a specific region and some familiar world-wide. Included in the collection is an original piece, 'A Mother's Prayer,' composed by Cathy in 1981 when her youngest child was 6 months old.

1.1 Lullaby ; Goodnight (Brahms)
1.2 Bedtime, (Traditional)
1.3 Sleep, Baby, Sleep (German Traditional)
1.4 All the World Is Sleeping (Welsh Traditional)
1.5 All the Pretty Horses (American Traditional)
1.6 Baby's Boat (Traditional)
1.7 A Mother's Prayer (C. S. Stubbs)
1.8 Now the Day Is Over (Baring-Gould/Barnby)
1.9 Rock-A-Bye Baby (American Traditional)
1.10 Sleep, Sleep, Little One, Sleep (French Traditional)
1.11 All Through the Night (Welsh Traditional)
1.12 Go to Sleep (Indonesian Traditional)
1.13 Sleep Now, and Rest (Csstubbs/Russian Traditional)
1.14 Golden Slumbers (British/Decker)
1.15 Sleep, Little One (Mozart)
1.16 Sweet and Low (Tennyson/Barnby)
1.17 Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra, That's An Irish Lullaby (J.R. Shannon)

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