Cats on Fire: Our Temperance Movement

Cats on Fire: Our Temperance Movement
Title: Our Temperance Movement
Label: Matinee

2009 album from the Finnish Indie Pop/Twee band. Our Temperance Movement demonstrates the band's flair for delivering sumptuous jangle pop with enticing melodies and intelligent lyrics. The album expands upon the traditional guitar, bass, and drums with liberal bursts of piano, organ, clarinet, banjo, glockenspiel and other percussion which help to showcase the extraordinary style of singer Mattias Björkas and his poetic, sardonic, and rather eccentric take on the world.

1.1 Horoscope
1.2 Lay Down Your Arms
1.3 Letters from a Voyage to Sweden
1.4 Never Sell the House
1.5 The Steady Pace
1.6 Tears in Your Cup
1.7 Garden Lights
1.8 The Borders of This Land
1.9 Our Days in the Sun
1.10 Fabric

Cats on Fire: Our Temperance Movement

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