Caw! Caw!: Wait Outside

Caw! Caw!: Wait Outside
Title: Wait Outside
Label: CD Baby

\'CAW! CAW! Is what you get when you raise three boys in an ice cavern on a diet of hot chocolate, fried chicken and ambrosia. And then give them guitars. Originally formed in 2001 as a punk rock quartet, half a decade of playing, recording and evolving together in an attic on the north side of Chicago has honed these young men into something made from many different things-a bit of desperate naïvete (plastered with impudent guitar textures) and a healthy dose of earnest rock and roll (propelled by a smart, booming rhythm section). They play dreamily, hugely, furiously and meekly. Over time, their original punk outfit grew into a woodsy cosmic pop band, then into an ambient experimental trio, and has presently settled on a sonic palette which maps the common ground between all these sounds and more. CAW! CAW! Makes music that shakes, wails, explodes and then crawls groggily into bed, only to emerge now and then for a few quick, wistful breaths conjuring fuzzy and mysterious images of old men and children floating in space. Some of CAW! CAW!\'s songs are about departure and boyish fantasies. Others are about friends and seafarers. In the six years they\'ve been around, CAW! CAW! ^#^has played all over their native city. Of Chicago. In high school, the boys decided to hold a concert in the art department\'s Men\'s Bathroom. It went over pretty well. Both the Principal and Vice Principal came! They have also played in more conventional local spaces like Subterranean, The Note, Martyrs\', The Bottom Lounge and South Union Arts. They are preparing for their first national tour. CAW! CAW! Is the stargazer, the crude cowboy, the truth teller, the hypocrite and the wild sexless child you want to be again. They play for everyone, but specialize in earth songs for space explorers, time travelers, pill-popping lovers, miniature golfers and teenagers making out. If you are any one of these, or just some kid somewhere, this may be the band for you.

1.1 Escape the Red Giant
1.2 Organisms
1.3 Wrapped Up Neat in the Bible
1.4 A Name
1.5 Work
1.6 Rotten Ghost
1.7 Sheets

Caw! Caw!: Wait Outside

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