Celeste Lear

Celeste Lear: Looking Up from Underwater

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Celeste Lear

Artist: Celeste Lear
Title: Looking Up from Underwater

Sophisticated, moody and always on the cutting edge, Celeste Lear, vocalist and music programmer, produces eclectic down-tempo/trip hop and alternative rock with wicked beats, luscious layering and meaningful lyrics for fans of jazz and rock that is blended with electronic elements. Deaf in her right ear and, interestingly, the granddaughter of the 8-Track cassette inventor, Celeste is a DIY artist with a unique background and a unquenchable drive to create wicked, wonderful works of art for your aural pleasure.. "It would only seem fitting that the granddaughter of the inventor of the 8 Track Cassette player would have music in her genes." - Editor, Reno Gazette Journal "Lear is an artist/producer with an edgy, intricate vision." - Music Connection Magazine "Her voice and on camera presence are as dramatic and expressive as her music. With a rich mix of world/electronica/trip-hop'ish/dance and a flair for counterpoint Celeste Lear is a virtual smith of the arts who knows how to hammer out audio and visual delight." - Frank Gaultier - Independent Music Artists - "A Cherry pickers Journal" "I first heard Celeste Lear on Toucan Cove's 2005 compilation "Femme Fatale", which was a collection of female electronica artists. On her gripping and tantalizing album "The Echo Inside" she complements her laid-back downtempo electronica with dynamic vocals that ring with harmonic clarity. The beats are exploratory and don't rely on the time tested normally dull breaks that so many artists turn towards. Funkiness is hidden behind several soundscape layers that finds Celeste whispering of tales that are fantastical yet somehow not too far from reality. Beautiful and engaging from the get-go. - Editor, Smother Magazine www.smothermagazine.com "Celeste Lear is a hot new artist fusing her programming, guitar playing and vocal skills into some sexy down-tempo electronic music." - Music Reviewer, AboutEntertainment.com.

1.1 Then the Moon Caught Fire (Trip Hop Mix)
1.2 Faithful to You (Spy Music)
1.3 Catch the Sun (Downtempo Mix)
1.4 When the Sun Envies the Moon
1.5 Pure Gold (Electronica/Latin)
1.6 Light Through the Branches
1.7 Entropy (Celeste with Scobra)
1.8 Traveler
1.9 Chemical Reaction (Dub Mix)
1.10 Porcelain White Desert (Alternative/Electronica)
1.11 Here with Me (Celeste with Hands Upon Black Earth)
1.12 Ripple in My Heart (Electronica)
1.13 The Heart Butcher (Pop/Electronica)
1.14 Everybody's Friend (Altronica)
1.15 Catch the Sun (Carmen Rizzo Remix)
1.16 Looking Up from Underwater

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