Celticopia: Life in the Past Lane

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Artist: Celticopia

Artist: Celticopia
Title: Life in the Past Lane

Celticopia was formed by Empty Hats members Gary Mazzu (guitar & vocals) and Vicki Scuteri (fiddle & vocals) for performing on the Renaissance Festival circuit. Joined by Jim Hancock (bass and vocals), they have performed up and down the eastern seaboard at venues such as the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Sterling Renaissance Festival, and the Bay Area Renaissance Festival. They perform a lively combination of pub songs, fiddle tunes, and celtic music with a flair for the gypsy and a touch of jazz. When performing with Empty Hats, besides all of the 'renaissance' gigs, they have performed at Skippers Smokeshouse in Tampa, celtic festivals such the PaRenFaire Celtic Fling, small concert venues, the Turning Stone Casino, and coffee houses. Audience raves for Celticopia (I'm not making these up...but I could be paraphrasing): ....you guys are great! ....how soon before we can buy your CD! ....I love your sound....it's exciting, relaxing...and fun! ....when are you gonna get a real job! (ok...that one's our parents) ....best fiddling I've heard in a long time! ....sweet vocal blend! ....we love vicki's vocals!

1.1 Spanish Ladies
1.2 Basso
1.3 Shebeg Shemore
1.4 Johnny Jump Up
1.5 Power Flower
1.6 Roll the Old Chariot Along
1.7 Come Give Me Your Hand
1.8 Wild Rover
1.9 Tamlin
1.10 Celtic Fusion
1.11 Mist Covered Mountains of Home

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