Centerpeace: Songs from the Womb

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Artist: Centerpeace

Artist: Centerpeace
Title: Songs from the Womb

I use the name "Centerpeace" because I feel it is a universal concept and implies something I believe we would all like to tap into, our own sustained inner peace. This is not music of your average rock band, or cookie cutter pop diva (not that there's anything wrong with that). This music has the potential for broad appeal as it can be soothing as background ambient music or compelling if you listen intently to every nuance. This double CD compilation has many sonic textures to offer; there are ethnic percussion instruments being played live, not sampled, mixed with western pop melodies & rock guitar riffs with soul singers and such. This package includes one CD with 11 vocal songs featuring 5 different lead singers and the other CD has 10 instrumental songs. We cover many different genres authentically but still seem to retain an overall cohesive sound. May you find your Centerpeace through listening to 'Song From The Womb".

1.1 Hold on Me
1.2 Make Believe
1.3 Zen Again
1.4 Falling Deeper
1.5 Generations
1.6 God Speed
1.7 Thirty Year Kiss
1.8 Children of the World
1.9 Just Breathe
1.10 Subliminal Messages
1.11 Everybody Come Together
2.1 Crazy Talk
2.2 Reflections
2.3 Peripheral Vision
2.4 Portis Rip
2.5 Journey Back
2.6 In My Dreams
2.7 Afghani 7/8
2.8 Dirty World
2.9 Sacrifice
2.10 Jagged Edge

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