Ceol C Il

Ceol C Il: Made Behind the Bar

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Artist: Ceol C Il

Artist: Ceol C Il
Title: Made Behind the Bar

Ceol Céilí is an eclectic group of musicians living in the Colorado Springs area who have come together as an ensemble in the spirit and joy of creating interesting music and drinking fine ales. We perform concerts with the young and old in mind. Though mainly Celtic, the band's musical selection is quite eclectic. The band's current repertoire includes traditional, modern, and original tunes and songs from Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands, the Shetland Islands, Northumbria, Brittany, French Canada, New England, and Southern USA.

1.1 Bus Stop Reel/Evit Gabriel - 3:55
1.2 Curragh of Kildare/Drowsy Maggie - 4:10
1.3 Mick Ryan's Lament/Gerry Owen - 4:37
1.4 Star of Munster/Raggel Taggle Gypsy - 4:58
1.5 St. Brendan's Isle - 4:38
1.6 Tobins/Haste to the Wedding - 3:25
1.7 Lakes of Pontchartrain - 5:18
1.8 Congress/Coolies/Maid Behind the Bar - 6:19
1.9 Moving on Song/Tam Lin - 5:24
1.10 Crooked Jack - 4:19
1.11 Water Is Wide - 4:50
1.12 I Will Go - 2:27

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