Cerny Brothers

Cerny Brothers: Looking For The Good Land

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cerny Brothers

Title: Looking For The Good Land
Label: Cleveland Int'l

This is a strong collection of 12 Americana songs that raise issues and hope that when you're armed with memories and good thoughts from loved ones, you won't get lost. The music on Looking For The Good Land varies in pace and sentiment from wild boogie woogie like on "Laugh At The Devil," to the dreamy "Moons Above the Desert" to the mystical "Night On The Town." The vocals soar above mundane day to day life and take the listener deep into a new world within the alt-country genre.

1.1 I Wanna Love You
1.2 Days of Thunder
1.3 Ghost
1.4 American Whore
1.5 Where I'm Going
1.6 Night on the Town
1.7 Drinking Gold
1.8 Laugh at the Devil
1.9 Tennessee
1.10 Moon Above the Desert
1.11 Denver
1.12 Million Miles

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