Ces Cru

Ces Cru: Codename: Ego Stripper

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ces Cru

Artist: Ces Cru
Title: Codename: Ego Stripper

2014 release, the fifth from Kansas City Rap duo Ces Cru. Ubiquitous and Godemis once again set out to lyrically destroy the opposition with a vengeance. With custom artwork created by renowned comic book artist, Rob Prior, Ces Cru's CODENAME: EGO STRIPPER promises to turn any and all expectations on their ear. Features Tech N9ne, Rittz, !Mayday! And others. Past Members of Ces Cru include Sorceress, Mad Dog 20/20, General Ali, and Perseph One.

1.1 Fate
1.2 Jimmy Stewart
1.3 Sound Bite
1.4 Whips
1.5 Give It to Me
1.6 Pressure
1.7 Double O.T
1.8 Power Play
1.9 Que Lastima
1.10 Blindfold
1.11 Phineas Gage
1.12 Strange Creature
1.13 Every Weapon
1.14 Hope
1.15 Axiom

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