Cesar Paucar

Cesar Paucar: Rumbos Ritmicos

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Artist: Cesar Paucar

Artist: Cesar Paucar
Title: Rumbos Ritmicos

On 'Rumbos Rítmicos' (Rhythm Roads), his first recording, César taps deep into the well of Peruvian guitar music, showing an acute knowledge of it's techniques and idioms. By studying with Peruvian guitar masters such as Raúl García Zárate and Félix Casaverde, he takes the guitar styles of his teachers and makes it his own. As the title suggests, the variety of rhythms showcased range from the Andes to the Afro-rhythms that influence Peru's seaboard. Two songs are sung by Peruvian artists: the Andean huayno 'En la orilla' by Saywa and the landó 'J.C. ¿Cómo está uste'?' sung by Lourdes Cárhuaz. The other instrumental numbers present music for solo guitar as well as accompaniment by Afro-Peruvian percussion. It is César's intention to "bring Peru's music to a broader audience by making it accessible not only as traditional folk music, but also as a fusion with other great instruments and rhythms found in other cultures."

1.1 Barranquilleras (Cumbia)
1.2 Cuadro (Triste Con Fuga de Tondero)
1.3 En la Orilla (Huayno)
1.4 Pregones Navideã±Os (Panalivio)
1.5 Percusiã³N Peruana (Zapateo)
1.6 Ferrol (Vals)
1.7 J.C. ¿Cã³Mo Estã¡ Ustã©? (Landã³)
1.8 Hermanos Del Sur (Zamba)
1.9 Caã±Azo y Guarapo (Festejo)
1.10 Campanas de Huancayo (Muliza)

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