Cezara-Lucia Vladescu: Songs for Dodo

Cezara-Lucia Vladescu: Songs for Dodo
Title: Songs for Dodo
Label: CD Baby

Music has much in common with love; it is something that once you have had, you cannot easily go on without. You have to give everything you have; at that moment every emotion, everything you keep so close to yourself and without expecting anything in return. Often there will be mistakes, regrets and disappointments, but if alongside these mortal failings of a person who risks finding absolution in music, one can have a moment of peace listening to it, then you will understand what Friedrich Nietzsche said - " without music life would be a mistake".

1.1 Grey Rainbows
1.2 Song for Dodo
1.3 Don't Think. Act
1.4 Blues
1.5 Souvenir
1.6 Polar Bear
1.7 Epa

Cezara-Lucia Vladescu: Songs for Dodo

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