Chabert, Klimperei / Chabert, Eric

Chabert, Klimperei / Chabert, Eric: Sing John B Cornaway: Dealings

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Chabert, Klimperei / Chabert, Eric
Title: Sing John B Cornaway: Dealings
Product Type: VINYL LP

The pataphysical toy music of Klimperei, a collective project led since 1985 by Christophe Petchanatz, gets a lot out of many small things - dismantled toys, organs with burst pipes, squeaking detuned guitars, loose broom. Sung in English by Eric Chabert, the songs on Dealings are adaptations of poems by John B. Cornaway (1957-1994), author of Heligoland. Over Chabert's scratchy voice, still manifesting all it's vigor, Klimperei unload it's makeshift bric-a-brac, convoking melodica, banjo and metallophone. Child-like without infantilism, these pieces sometimes show their teeth, but the bite is never violent. Woozy cabaret cantata ("Cup of Tea"), Potluck Canterbury School ("Spoil"), punk waltz under a sad sun ("Hard"), acoustic free-blues ("Solution", "Wear On") or haywire krautrock ("Soon"). Mind dust in a stormy mouth, black candy dispenser - broken bottle et verre brisé. The glottis shaking sobs are quickly repressed. Because, yes, despite everything, life is good at Klimperei's. And the wind, Cornaway says, will never die.

1.1 Wear on
1.2 Leap
1.3 Dust
1.4 Spoil
1.5 A Cup of Tea
1.6 Hard
1.7 I Don't Know
1.8 Solution
1.9 Wind
1.10 Broken
1.11 Take
1.12 Soon

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