Chad Kichula: Runners in the Night

Chad Kichula: Runners in the Night
Title: Runners in the Night
Label: CD Baby

"She was told you could never go back. Once you got the keys to the Devil's Cadillac." - Runners in the Night With his head full of songs, Kichula entered the studio in late 2008 to record his album 'Runners in the Night'. He had come along ways since recording on his 4-track, and in small studios of his friends' basements. Since 2005 he's released an album, two eps, and played countless shows across Western Canada and abroad. He's a man who could travel thousands of miles with his guitar, and continue to work by day in the canopies of the tallest trees. It was these years of hard labour and touring that had since influenced Kichula's songwriting. Chad was no longer the young singer-songwriter, but an experienced songsmith with an album that would re-define him as an artist. It was these sessions where his band would not just recreate the songs they'd played on stage, but where these songs could finally be realized. Now you can hear it for yourself. In 'Runners in the Night', Kichula's graveled voice leads us through tales of the ups and downs of the working class. You can sense the energy and feeling throughout every song as coming from one who knows the daily pressures of both towing and walking the line. It is in this album that we hear the maturing of a songwriter, and a reemergence of a music that has slipped behind the scenes of popular culture.

1.1 Too Damn Fast
1.2 Crying in the Rain
1.3 Got a Hold on Me
1.4 World Shaker
1.5 Another Love
1.6 Let You Be
1.7 Third of December
1.8 You're Gone
1.9 Runners in the Night
1.10 Without a Song
1.11 Restless Man

Chad Kichula: Runners in the Night

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