Chai: Pink

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Artist: Chai

Artist: Chai
Title: Pink
Product Type: VINYL LP

When you think of all things Pink, a sound that fuses the likings of Basement Jaxx, the Gorillaz, CSS, and Tom Tom Club, with lyrics focused on "women empowerment" and re-defining the definition of "kawaii" or cute in Japanese, you think of Chai. Formed in 2012, in the Nagoya region of Japan, identical twins Mana (vocals/keyboards) and Kana (guitar) would ask fellow high school classmate, Yuna (drumes), and later Yuuki (bass), a college acquaintance, to join what we now know as Chai. After coming across Chai's irresistibly unique music video for "Boys·Seco·Men," featured on their second EP Homegoro Series, U.S. indie label, Burger Records reached out and Chai was immediately included in their 2017, Burger World: Japan Compilation cassette, marking the band's first official U.S. release. Chai's 2017 full-length debut, Pink, is being released on vinyl for the first time in the U.S. courtesy of Burger Records.

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