Chakra Bleu

Chakra Bleu: Hidden Mirror

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Artist: Chakra Bleu

Artist: Chakra Bleu
Title: Hidden Mirror

An audience NEVER LIES! Follow this hearty, loyal audience and you've found CHAKRA BLEU. This professional act has proven itself by holding the attention of a wide array of audiences. How? - Through UNIQUE MUSIC, GREAT ENERGY and a CATCHING MESSAGE that is individually and commercially satisfying to all! Chakra Bleu's overall musical Pop/Rock style carries a positive vibe to it and the audience can FEEL it! Listen to what a top music industry executive had to say after seeing a show: 'Susanna, Chakra Bleu's lead singer,has great energy and an electrifying persona. She has a magnifying presence that emanates an incredible strength and feminine stature. It's evident that the audience was very taken by this band.' -Chris Dodson, Makin' Music (Nashville) The first release off the'The Hidden Mirror' CD, is already recieved airplay on AAA, Americana, NPR and college format stations, as well as several stations in six European countries. 'Chakra Bleu's 'The Hidden Mirror' is soulfully intruding. It positively moves the spirit while capturing the heart. A strong harmonious voice, Susanna delivers such haunting vibrations in the songs 'Land of Nod' and 'The Hidden Mirror' that will leave one wanting more. Her vocal energy is electrigying and with each song magnigies her talent. 'Tower of Babel' and 'Everyday's a Rapture' displays such soul-searching lyrics only a passsionate singer can deliver and deliver is exactly what Chakra Bleu's powerhouse CD 'The Hidden Mirror' does! Nashville Panorama Publication 'During my radio show, I evenly broadcast your album because we are very fond of what you do. The tracs we particularly like are: PLAYING THE VICTIM, SIGNS OF LOVE, TOWER OF BABEL. You are a very passionate singer putting your heart into every song you sing. With a clear, strong and harmonious voice, you deposit in our ears, in our body, in our soul and heart, BUBBLES OF MUSICAL POETRY. Reactions of my listeners are excellent! - Dominique Costanoga, Radio Marseillette, Carcassonne, FRANCE Booking and Public Relations Attn: Dave Carew (615)332-0718 Chakra Bleu Music 615-594-1441 P.O.Box 292875 Nashville, TN 37229.

1.1 Playing the Victim
1.2 I Want to Know
1.3 Land of Nod
1.4 The Hidden Mirror
1.5 Raise the Kundalini
1.6 Shoulda, Coulda, Would've
1.7 Signs of Love
1.8 Tower of Babel
1.9 Everyday's a Rapture
1.10 These Things You Do to Me
1.11 Save the Souls
1.12 This Masquerade
1.13 Wild West

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