Channel 3

Channel 3: After The Lights Go Out

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Channel 3

Title: After The Lights Go Out
Label: Drastic Plastic
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing. After the success of their debut album, Fear of Life, Channel 3 released After the Lights Go Out in 1983, recorded at the legendary Gold Star Studios shortly before it's closing the following year. This remarkable follow-up is full of aggressive songs traveling at break-neck speed paired with melodic vocals and earnest lyrics. Channel 3 was formed in 1980 by Mike Magrann (vocals, guitar), Kimm Gardner (guitar), Larry Kelly (bass) and Mike Burton (drums), in the suburban community of Cerritos, South Los Angeles, California. Their first release was a self-titled EP on California label Posh Boy Records in 1981. In 1982, Jack DeBaun become their new drummer and their release Fear of Life was retitled I've Got A Gun in the UK with some differences in the track-listing. Their next release was After The Lights Go Out.

1.1 What About Me?
1.2 Stupid Girl
1.3 Separate Peace
1.4 No Love
1.5 After the Lights Go Out
1.6 Truth and Trust
1.7 I'll Take My Chances
1.8 All My Dreams
1.9 Can't Afford It
1.10 I Didn't Know

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