Channing & Quinn

Channing & Quinn: Mason Jar

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Artist: Channing & Quinn
Title: Mason Jar

'The first thing you ought to know about Channing Lee and Quinn Matthews is that they're fresh off a train tour of the East Coast. By riding the rails, the vocal-guitar duo found a way to simultaneously save on gas and invoke mythic Americana without resorting to hackneyed, hobo-inspired lyrics. And the worst travel experience they had to report was a night spent stranded on the streets and in the diners of Boston while the train station was closed. But unorthodox transportation isn't the only thing that stands out about Channing and Quinn. There's also the fact that they combine unique elements-Lee's fluttery, sumptuous Ani DiFranco-meets-Peggy Lee vocals, xylophone plinking and imaginative lyrics, Matthews' percussive strumming and plucking on guitar, banjo and ukulele-to create a sound that's none-too-cluttered and utterly original.' -Jewly Hight, Nashville Scene.

1.1 The Mason Jar - Channing, Quinn
1.2 The Corners of My Mouth - Channing, Quinn
1.3 Missing Parts of Me - Channing, Quinn

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