Chant of the Goddess

Chant of the Goddess: Chant Of The Goddess

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Title: Chant Of The Goddess
Label: Doom Stew Records

Just like the ambient wind and rain several of the tracks starts with, the album's clean guitars have a liquid sound to them, while the distorted versions that kick in are as abrasive as a wall made of some material whose normal use is involved in coating stonecutting surfaces in some way. Grand and echoing as Pallbearer's, but with menace substituted for sorrow, and without any of the retro vibe they possess, they are capable of speed as well as noise, but are used sparingly, jumping out to blast away the quiet portions of the song and surprise the listener. Guitarist Renan Angelo proves himself willing and able to provide different vocal styles at will, from off-key but clean traditional doom to a bellicose death-metal rasp, dropping his voice to a hushed whisper on the cleanest portions like a wizard speaking of occult secrets. In terms of composition, the songs are heavy on the guitar but not dominated by it; in fact, the fine balance between the three instruments promotes the already strong atmosphere of the pieces. A heavy atmosphere punctuated by sparkling light is the theme of Chant of the Goddess, and the extensive work done in putting this together pays off in spades. Definitely a must-listen for the doom fan, in my book.

1.1 Sanctuary of the Scarlet Night
1.2 Cantico Della Dea
1.3 Refuge-Collapse
1.4 The Black Mythology
1.5 Confusion to Redemption (Tempio Della Dea)

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